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Complete Courses or Individual Lessons?
What is the Difference?




The Maestro Ingles ESL Program offers two unique ways to advance your language skills: Complete Courses and Individual Lessons. Each option caters to different learning styles and needs, ensuring you make the most of your language journey.


Complete Courses: This holistic approach involves an extensive series of lessons covering all main language skill areas: Listening and Speaking Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, and Writing. Each lesson is meticulously linked and synced, facilitating a semi-immersive learning experience. You’ll engage all your senses in the learning process, mimicking the way you learned your native tongue. Highly recommended for all Absolute Beginners and Beginners (Levels A0-A1).


To ensure you begin at the right level, we administer a Pre-enrollment placement test. This way, you can dive into learning without having to revisit familiar concepts excessively, maximizing your interaction with new, easy-to-grasp content. Upon completing the course, which requires between 120-200 hours, you’ll be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion, a testament to your dedication and skill development. Moreover, our Complete Courses come with the added advantage of personal interaction with a native speaker, enriching your understanding and cultural appreciation.

And to make it even more convenient, any lesson within a Complete Course can be paused so you can come back to it later. Also, lessons can be be repeated as many times as necessary before moving on to the next lesson


Individual Lessons: If you’re an Intermediate and above student and looking for a more focused learning path, our Individual Lessons are the perfect fit. These lessons are designed to enhance specific language skill areas, like conversational skills. With a catalogue of 80-120 lessons per skill level, ranging from Absolute Beginner to Advanced and Proficient, you can customize your learning journey. Each lesson typically requires 1.5-2 hours to complete, making it a flexible option for those with a tight schedule.


So, whether you’re looking to master English holistically or concentrate on improving one or more particular skills, our ESL program has the right solution for you. Experience the joy of learning English your way. Choose between the comprehensive structure of our Complete Courses or the laser-focused Individual Lessons to start your language journey today.